5 reasons you should visit the Cotswolds

Posted: 10/04/2019 By: Cheryl Webber

Cotswold villages and towns are well-known for their striking beauty, offering quintessentially British experiences – from quaint tea rooms to nature walks. Visiting the Cotswolds is something that everyone should experience at least once; whether that’s to take in some of the UK’s most beautiful landscapes or try fresh, local produce from a deli with true Cotswold provenance.

Narrow, cobbled streets and towns with aged Cotswold stone

Perhaps one of the most obvious and distinctive characteristics of the Cotswolds is its unique honey-coloured stone. Composed of ooids (small, ovoid calcium carbonate concretions formed in tropical seas millions of years ago) its use as a building material dates as far back as the 13th century. With its golden hue adding a distinguished beauty to famed Cotswold villages and towns such as Cirencester and Bibury; their chocolate box houses and unique architecture are a must-see for any discerning tourist.

The Cotswold Way

Exercising is pure joy when you’ve got such magnificient views to soak up. Whether you choose to cycle, walk or jog this renowned scenic route, the Cotswold Way provides over 100 miles of picturesque countryside and varied terrain. It’s also an excellent excuse to stop for a cream tea afterwards, with post-exercise recovery the perfect reason to indulge in some traditional Cotswold fare.

A haven of wildlife and nature

There really is nothing quite like observing wildlife in its natural habitat, and with the Cotswolds blessed with mile upon mile of fields and woodlands, it provides the perfect haven for some of Britain’s most fascinating native creatures. Take a stroll along one of the many public footpaths in hope of a glimpse of foxes, badgers, roe deer, fallow deer and muntjac, or perhaps pay a visit to the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens for some guaranteed interaction with the local fauna.

Quintessentially British boutique shops and tea rooms

A tearoom in the heart of the Cotswolds offers a foodie experience like no other. With freshly baked, homemade savoury and sweet treats, Cotswold tea rooms take true pride in being traditional in both their flavours and décor. The Cotswolds are not only home to quaint tea rooms, but also to an array of boutique, independent shops that offer special collectables and antiques.

Unique artefacts and ancient ruins

In addition to being home to some of the most picturesque locations in the UK, the Cotswolds also has a history to tell – with countless architectural examples to explore. Many structures from Medieval times still stand today, in particular the area’s spectacular wool churches, while many Roman artefacts are also to be found in Cotswold museums, such as Cirencester’s Corinium museum.

Located in the heart of the Cirencester town centre, here at Kings Head, we love to instil true Cotswold provenance within our décor, food and service. For more information, see here.

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