Meet the team - Phoebe

Posted: 04/02/2019 By: Cheryl Webber

This week, Phoebe, our wedding co-ordinator, spills all on her day-to-day role at Kings Head.

How long have you been at Kings Head?
I have been at Kings Head for just over a year.

How did you begin your journey in the wedding industry?
I started working in Bridal Boutique when I was 15; from there, I knew there was something about weddings that I loved. Five years ago, after graduating university, I then became a wedding co-ordinator.

Tell us more about your role at the hotel.
My role within the hotel is quite diverse, as every day is different! My role mainly consists of dealing with enquiries, show-arounds and guiding couples from their initial first visit to being here with them on their big day.

What is your favourite part of the job?
Seeing the bride in her dress for the first time on her wedding day has to be my favourite part. I still get butterflies every time one of my brides walks down the aisle!

What’s the most interesting experience you’ve encountered in your role?
I love how every wedding comes with a different theme; with all sorts of quirky and wonderful ideas to work with! I’ve experienced everything from horses being part of the drinks reception, to dogs being the ring bearer (which never goes to plan!). We’ve also had helicopters landing in the wrong field, which ended in having to give the bride a piggy-back ride to the right one!

What challenges have you faced in your role?
There are many challenges, as organising a couple’s big day comes with pressure. Family politics always presents a challenge throughout the process! I have had brides getting stuck in traffic on motorways, DJs running late and guests that haven’t been invited turning up! Every wedding day always seems to come with a new challenge.

What attracted you to working at Kings Head?
The diverse possibilities and spaces that are available for weddings are so unique, and are rare for a venue that’s in the town centre. This makes it the perfect venue for any size and type of wedding. The hotel comes as a whole package; being able to use the spa, having the chance to stay in a beautiful room and indulge in private dining before the wedding makes this the perfect place for a romantic occasion. I just knew I had to be part of this amazing venue!

Why should guests visit Kings Head?
Kings Head provides a luxurious country-style atmosphere with attentive staff, where you can wine, dine and relax regardless of the British weather. It’s the perfect destination and location for any event, weekend away or simply just a dinner out.

What makes Kings Head unique?
Kings Head offers a unique venue for weddings, as the bride and groom can have different rooms for their day event and for the evening. Guests can transition from our traditional, tall-ceiling Assembly Room to our Vaulted Cellar in the basement, which is built with rustic exposed stone brick walls. These two rooms provide a complete shift in atmosphere, and this never fails to amaze our guests.

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to start a career in the wedding industry?
You have to completely love it! I live and breathe weddings, constantly looking for fresh ideas, trends and new ways to do things. It’s not your standard 9-5 office job; it requires a lot of love, passion and patience. Gaining work experience with a venue/hotel is a really great starting point, as you will gain real insight into what the role involves, and what hospitality is really like. After that, it’s all about being a people person and always going that extra mile with customer service.

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