Lubatti Treatments

Tension release, scalp, face and feet - 40mins | £50
This treatment focuses on relieving tension within the three key areas of the body. Starting with a scalp massage, pressure points are used to relax the body. Next, a deep facial massage will revive tired skin and finally a foot massage to finish that will leave you feeling completely relaxed.

Deluxe Foot Treatment - 25mins | £30
Treat your feet to some TLC with this Deluxe foot treatment. The feet are cleansed and exfoliated before a lower leg and foot massage is carried out. Body lotion is then applied to leave the feet feeling soft and supple.

Scalp Massage - 25mins | £30
Designed to reduce stress, relax the mind and boost circulation. Warm essential oil is massaged into the scalp working to relax the muscles around the temple area and neck region.

Anti Cellulite Treament - 55mins | £65
Concentrating on areas prone to cellulite, a firm body brushing technique is used to stimulate the circulatory system and rid dead skin cells and toxins from the body. Lubatti’s Essential Anti-Cellulite Oil is then massaged into the areas most needed using a combination of results-driven techniques. The treatment concludes with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

Toning Cocoon Wrap - 55mins | £70
Indulge the body with a toning cocoon wrap. Starting with a light body brush, the body is then covered with a soothing Horse Chestnut Toning Gel, which works to tone the skin with the effective Horse Chestnut, and Black Tea extracts. Whilst cocooned, enjoy a gentle head massage to enhance relaxation. The treatment is concludes with an application of body lotion.