Mother To Be

Indulgent Top-to-Toe Treatment - 80mins | £80
This super nurturing treatment commences with a relaxing head massage, working down the body with a soothing massage – relieving tension and creating total relaxation. The treatment culminates with a pampering foot massage.

Blossom & Bloom Facial - 55mins | £50
Refresh your complexion with our deep cleanse Bloom & Blossom facial. This treatment includes a cleanse, tone, exfoliation and mask - the 'must haves' for beautifully nourished skin.

Express Bloom Facial - 25mins | £30
For a quick pamper, this treatment is a must have. A deep cleanse, tone and massage work to radiate the skin. A moisturiser is chosen by the therapist to suite your skin type.

Soothing Back Massage - 40mins | £45
Focusing on a key area prone to tension during pregnancy, this massage starts at the neck and works down, relieving tension and aiding relaxation.

Leg Toner Treatment - 25mins | £30
This firming massage is perfect for easing water retention in the legs caused by pregnancy. The deep massage stimulates circulation in the targeted areas leaving them feeling revived, smoothed and toned.

The Lubatti Mother To Be treatments are designed and adapted for this special time and are suitable from the 12th week of pregnancy.