At Kings Head, we believe that every special occasion should be celebrated in style. Whether you’re an anticipating mum-to-be, or are the parent to a new born baby, there’s every reason to gather your friends and family in celebration of the new arrival.


Alternatively, if you’re the trusted friend of a mum-to-be, you might be thinking of surprising her with a baby shower. These usually take place around seven months into the pregnancy, since the mum-to-be is still comfortable enough to celebrate. It’s a good idea to start thinking about the party a few months in advance - make sure to keep these things in mind during the planning process:


Create a guest list & plan your budget

One of the first things you need to consider is the guest list. Having an idea of numbers will allow you to start planning the quantities of food, drink and other materials that you might need. Make sure to ask the mum-to-be beforehand who she would like to attend, and jot these down first, making them a priority. If it’s a surprise, try speaking to her close family members to get an idea of the people she’d definitely like you to invite.


At this stage, it’s also important to plan your budget, so you can gain an idea of the activities and venue that are realistically affordable for you.


Decorations: Buy or DIY?

Depending on your budget, chosen theme or timescale, you might decide to incorporate a combination of purchased and home-made decorations. If you allow enough time, and have enough helping hands available, then you could add some special touches to the event by making some bunting, posters, and even some games. You might even like to bake and decorate some cookies, or hand-make a hamper for the mum-to-be. Not only does this add a more personal touch to the event, but it can also help to save money.


Choose your theme and venue

Incorporating a fun theme adds something different to the usual baby shower. If you’re looking to indulge in afternoon tea, why not ask guests to participate in Alice In Wonderland-themed fancy dress?


When you’re deciding on the venue, try to opt for somewhere that allows you to be flexible – somewhere that has both an indoor and outdoor space, several function rooms to choose from and offers the services you need.


Make a robust plan

Although it’s a good idea to allow for a little flexibility during the event, you’ll be thankful that you created a robust plan beforehand. In addition to giving you peace of mind, an agenda will ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible, allowing ample time for all of the activities you’ve planned.


Timings should, of course, feature in your plan - but you should also think about having a menu created, as well as detailed invitations that you can hand out to the guests.


Enlist the help of an events planner

Although planning a baby shower can feel like a huge responsibility, it shouldn’t be so stressful that you’re not enjoying the process. Enlisting the help of a professional events planner will ensure that the most fundamental aspects are being looked after, whilst you take care of the fun tasks. To find out more about our baby shower event offerings at Kings Head, click here.