Our Spa Manager, Hannah Osborne, spills all on her journey in the beauty industry whilst giving advice to anyone considering a career as a Therapist.

1. How did you begin your journey in the Beauty industry?

Beauty was not my first career choice – from an early age I wanted to work in the travel industry. However, that didn’t quite go to plan, so I started working in hotels and somehow fell into beauty.

I decided to go back to college and study for an NVQ in Hair and Beauty, before concentrating on beauty in my final year. I then started up my own business in the hotel that I was working in at the time, which lasted for 9 months before I applied for a job as a Spa Therapist in a 5-star hotel Spa in Greece (hoping to mix in a bit of the travel element!), which was available during the summer season. Since then, I have worked in several 5-star spas, including Wildmoor Spa in Stratford upon Avon and the Mandarin Oriental in London, before becoming Spa Manager at the Vaulted Spa here at Kings Head.

2. What would be your advice to someone looking to progress in the beauty industry?

When working as a Therapist at Mandarin Oriental, I decided to study Spa Management, and settled on an online degree in International Spa Management through Derby University. I completed it whilst working full-time, and would absolutely recommend it. The course provided me with lots of valuable information and many management skills that I still use to this day.

3. What challenges have you encountered through working in beauty?

It’s not always glamorous and easy being in an industry dominated by women. Through experience, I have found that stronger, louder characters tended to progress more quickly than myself which I found tough. However, instead of letting it beat me I remained determined. The key is not to let disappointment knock you; know your strengths, and in time, you will find the right opportunity and thrive.

Many of my fellow students at college did not go into a spa career as they weren’t given the correct information and guidance. Therefore, I would be keen to see more support from colleges to people who are interested in working in the beauty industry.

4. What things should you consider when working in a spa?

Never forget how important it is to look after yourself. It can be tough doing treatments, such as massages, every day. It’s important to take time to look after yourself, which includes booking yourself in for massages. Additionally, working in a spa is not 9-5; you may miss important time with family or friends due to being unable to get the time off. However, this does have its perks – having time off in the week is great for quieter shopping days out!

5. Do you have any tips on becoming a better therapist?

During my career, I have met so many talented therapists from around the world. They have taught me so much, including new techniques and massage skills. I would recommend therapists to learn from each other to improve their skills – it definitely helped me.

It’s so important that in this industry, we support each other and learn from one another. Above all else, a career in spa is so rewarding – you can work anywhere around the world or have your own business – the possibilities are endless. There are many paths you can take – from becoming a massage therapist to a holistic therapist. I would recommend following your dreams!